Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

Ubuntu LTSP Server instalation is so easy with Karmic Koala (9.10) version

Wow, after a lot of my last posts just in Bahasa Indonesia, then I am writing this post in English. And this time, I would tell you about something crazy with Ubuntu LTSP Server Instalation.

In the version of Ubuntu prior than Ubuntu 9.10, it's too hard to install Ubuntu LTSP Server although it could be easily installed using Ubuntu Alternate CD, which provided you an option to Install as LTSP Server. But after it installed, the LTSP server is not already used. There are some problem which you have to resolve to make LTSP server ready to boot from the LTSP client.

When in Ubuntu 8.04 version, the problem was that the squashfs images for LTSP client had not built after installation finish. So, I had to reinstall it without internet access using the step from this post (oops sory, that was an Indonesian post).

Then in Ubuntu 8.10 a.k.a Intrepid Ibex, more damned problem came. I don't know why this, but something wrong with NBD server which transfer the squashfs filesystem from the server into the client. It could be resolved by doing some step from this post.

And then in Ubuntu 9.04. But sorry, I never tried it. Maybe the trouble had been resolved from this version :-D.

The latest version that I tried, Ubuntu 9.10 has no problem after LTSP server installation from the Alternate CD. I just set the IP for the ethernet card which connect to the internet server. Ubuntu will set another one ethernet card which connect to LTSP client automatically. Then the client just connect to the LTSP server from PXE boot software.

OK, this is just my story today. When I found some problem with LTSP in the next version of Ubuntu, I will tell you again. Thanks for the Ubuntu Community which provided some help for my problem. If you have any problem, you can read the Ubuntu LTSP manual from : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP first, then if your problem aren't resolved, ask to the Ubuntu Forum or Mailling List in your country.

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  1. hallo bung wira,
    saya jg baru saja menginstall ubuntu alternate 9.10, dan client sdah sukses booting via pxe-boot, lalu bagaimana caranya agar kita dapat melihat/memantau semua client dari server ? thin client manager sepertinya tdk bs jalan di ubuntu 9.10 ini, mohon pencerahanya!!

  2. saya juga belum pernah menggunakan monitoring begituan, coba saya eksplor lagi..

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