Kamis, 04 Juni 2009


There are many lot of Linux Distribution (See http://www.distrowatch.com if you don't believe it ;-)). Most of the distributions are easy to use and dedicated to end user. But, why not all of the end users using Linux yet? The reason in one, most of end users are still familiar with the Microsoft Windows (especially XP) operating system, and fell not familiar with the Linux's desktop. Don't worry, if the users in your office still familiar with Windows XP, and your office has lack of money to use the Microsoft operating system, you can still using Linux distribution called OmniaXP. To download OmniaXP, you can go to website http://omnia.guinux.com.br/. The screenshoot of OmniaXP is like this : OmniaXP use the GNOME Desktop Environment, and customized to be very similiar like Windows XP. So, the users that familiar with Windows XP will be familiar with OmniaXP. But, it may become the copyright violent. Don't discuss about that, just see what the benefit if using this distribution :D. This Linux distribution is based from Debian Lenny (5.0). Although very lack of software included, you can still add your favourite software from Debian repository using apt-get install blablabla command.

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