Selasa, 23 Juni 2009


Wew, a long holiday come again in midle of June until midle of July. After 6 months I focused with my school, Now I can to focused another thing that I want to learn, programming. In this holiday, I want to learning about cross-platform and portable GUI programming. Three programming language that will I learn in this holiday are C++, Java and Python. The first language which I learn is C++, it's so simple like C but support the OOP Programming. This language is cross-platform, because the compiler (GCC) is also cross platform. I don't learn the GUI programming with this language, because it's so hard to learn it now. I want to focus GUI programming with another language. I thought that C++ is the base programming language if you want to learn another programming language. The second language is Java. I love this programming language. It's cross-platform and you don't properly to compile your software in many machine. Just compile in one machine, you can run it in another machine :-). I will learn to programming with GUI applications using this programming language. Netbeans is the ultimate IDE application for Java, it make programming with Java so easy. Another language is Python. Python is famous programming language in Free and Open Source world. It's simple, as simple as BASIC language. It support many library, so you can extend your functionality of your software. I will learn to make the GUI application by using pyGTK and wxPython library. To prepare learning, I had bought some book for the references and tutorial. I hope my skill for programming extend by learning 3 programming language.

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