Senin, 23 Maret 2009


This time, i'm is so tired. After the holiday in a week, this day I went to school and study as usual. Very boring.....This rest time, I browse the Internet with Uncle Google to find the information about the new Ubuntu release, 9.04 with codename "Jaunty Jackalope". In the release schedule, The final version of Jaunty will be released in April, 23rd 2009. I'm waiting this version because Jaunty has the new features. The first look n feel feature is the new notification area. Its very different than the older version. This is the screenshoot of new notification area in Ubuntu Jaunty : You can also try to implemented this new notification feature in Ubuntu Intrepid. You can follow this article : The another new look is the GDM. It's more simple than the older version. This is the screenshoot : For the software, Ubuntu always included some new software like the latest version of GNOME, 3, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.... The big news is Ubuntu will use ext4 as the default filesystem type. This filesystem is more efficient and higher performance than the ext3. If you want to try the testing version of Ubuntu, you can download it freely from ubuntu website ( or from your favourite mirror. The latest version when I write this post is Jaunty Alpha 6. The artwork is same with the Intrepid Ibex. You can feel the new artwork usually in RC release. Image source :

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  1. asik, lumayan, lagi ngedonlot...

    btw koq ga bisa dibuka sih?