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By default, Ubuntu only mount the root partition in the startup. If you want to read another partition, we must to mount it first.

If you want to mount the another partition automatically in startup, you can edit the textfile that located in /etc/fstab. For the begginer, it so hard to configure the textfile. Alternatively, we can use the graphical frontend for the /etc/fstab file. The frontend is called Disk Manager, we can install it by installing “disk-manager” package from APT.

After the installation, we can run this program from System | Administration | Disk Manager menu. Enter your password because this program need the administration privellege.

To configure the partition which not mounted automatically in startup, just click “Configure New Partition” button. Then, you can check the partition you want to mount automatically. To configure the mount point automatically, you can click “Auto Configure” button. Now, the partition has been included in /etc/fstab and will be automatically mounted.

Disk Manager program also detect the new partition in the startup. You will noticed by the disk manager in the notification area of the desktop.

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