Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009


By default, if you want to configure or manage your server, you have to use the command line environment and write some command to configure or manage your server. For you which an expert, this is the easiest way of all. But for you which still beginner, it's very hard way of all, isn't it? You have to use the graphical interface to configure or manage your server by using a software called Webmin.

Webmin is the Web based administration software for UNIX based Operating System. With Webmin, we can configure and manage our operating systems, server, networking, and many more.

To get Webmin, we can download it from the website, For the Ubuntu or Debian user, its very recommended to download the DEB package. After you download and install it, now you can open Webmin from https://localhost:10000 from your computer or https://computer-ip:10000 from another computer by using Web Browser (e.q. Firefox, Opera, Epiphany). Enter your user name and password, then press Enter button. You will see the main Webmin interface.

Choose what do you want to configure or manage by clicking one item on the left tree selection. For example, if you want to configure your Bind9 Nameserver, click on Server, then click on “BIND DNS Server”. Now, you can configure your BIND DNS server with the easy interface.

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  1. pernah coba digabung dengan virtualmin mas di share dong kl udah