Minggu, 22 Maret 2009


You want to distribute Ubuntu repository DVD to your friend that doesn't have internet connection? You can give and share your Ubuntu to his/her to make his/her easily instal the new software to the Ubuntu. But, the number of software in repository in the DVD is too large and also not all of the software needed by your friend. Alternatively, we can build own Ubuntu repository DVD that only has some software that usually needed by your friend.

To build own Ubuntu repository DVD or we can call it “Add-On DVD”, we can download the package from the repository by using APT-GET tool and just save it into /var/cache/apt directory without installing it. Here is the step (You must use HTTP or FTP repository, if you only has the DVD or folder repository, you can build the local webserver and redirect the repository to the webserver) :

  1. First, make sure all repository has been configured and ready to use. You can configure the repository from the /etc/apt/sources.list (I won't describing it, because I know that you know it).

  2. Clear or backup the contents of /var/apt/cache/archives folder, because it will used for the package download destination.

  3. Download the package you want and also its dependencies by using this command in terminal :

    $ sudo apt-get -d install audacious gnome-office ubuntu-restricted-extras

    NOTE: You can't download the package that was installed in your system. Although you want only to download it. Very recommended to use the vanilla version of your Ubuntu (The newly installed Ubuntu OS).

  4. That command won't install the package that you mention. It just save the package and its dependencies to /var/cache/apt/archives folder. Now, copy it to new folder like. Foe example, we can copy it to ~/add-ons folder by using this command.

    $ mkdir ~/add-ons; cp -R /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb ~/add-ons

  5. Then, write the database file of the all packages by using dpkg-scanpackages command line, and send the out to the gzipped “Package” file. Here is the command :

    $ sudo dpkg-scanpackages ~/add-ons /dev/null | gzip -9c > ~/add-ons/Packages.gz

  6. Finally, the add-ons folder ready to packed or burn to the CD/DVD. You can use the CD/DVD burning program something like Brasero and Nautilus.

After the DVD ready, you can now share to your friend to make him/her easily to install the new software in his/her Ubuntu OS. Don't worry to share your Linux to skill to your friend, to make Linux became famous in future. Bravo Penguin!

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  1. mas, saya pemula neh tentang linux, senang banget dapat blognya mas, lumayan lengkap, tapi belum coba sih.
    kemarin saya baru coba install ubuntu 9.04 yang saya beli lengkap dengan repositorynya, tapi belum coba di sharing ke client, soalnya rencananya mau pake warnet. billingnya yang bagus apa ya trus cara installnya ? soalnya beda dengan windows tinggal di setup aja.


    emailku : andybalong@yahoo.com

  2. wah kalo di upload manteb niy mas
    yang masih newbie bisa langsung download repo dvd mini nya :d